Workshops For Women

This is a very special time to be a woman in business. Old institutions are collapsing, basic goods and services are in greater demand than ever, our environment is being stressed, and we are being barraged by more information than we know how to handle.

Yet in the middle of this storm there is a voice which is demanding to be heard. It is a voice that is telling the story about life. It speaks of the truths we know in our hearts. In order to have a healthy body we know we need access to food, water and rest. In order to have a healthy life we know we need to be in step with our greatest gifts. In order to raise families and live in thriving communities we know we need to respect and honor each other and life.

Women intuitively understand these things. We always have. We have stepped into leadership often adopting the masculine traits needed to get things done. These are good skills because it takes action to make things happen. But the trend is shifting. We recognize that we can’t fish our oceans dry nor can we teach our children kindness yet tolerate injustice around the world.

Our workshops are designed for YOU. Expertly guided by our Team, we’ll dive into the heart of your business deepening your ability to articulate our story. We’ll do exercises designed to clarify your vision so that you can build a culture that empowers everyone you touch. In our supportive environment we will test your value proposition against the trends in order to strengthen it and make sure it has staying power.

This is a very special workshop where in addition to energizing your business, you will come away energized with new tools and ideas you’ll want to implement immediately.

If you have interest and want to speak with us personally, please email us at or call us today at 914.441.1383.