We design and deliver customized workshops for individuals, companies, organizations, associations, and clubs.  These workshops are both inspirational and educational. They provide a pragmatic set of strategies and tactics to increase the entrepreneurial power of people in their own businesses, or as they work within an existing company.

To bring a customized workshop to your organization, call us today at 914.441.1383.  We can customize the experience to meet your specific needs.

Zen & the Art of Making Things Happen

In this jam-packed workshop, Dave will bring new wisdom, creativity and energy to the process of personal goal setting and achievement. It will lay the foundation for taking your vision to the next level of accomplishment and fulfillment. And, that will only be the beginning.  Read More…

Business Activation Training

Launching a new venture, growing an existing business or taking your enterprise to the next level, this is a workshop you will treasure. It is a time of great economic and employment unrest. It is also a time of opportunity for entrepreneurs. This workshop will empower where you are going and how you will get there.

This workshop will cover the following:
• Learn the timeless truths of Free Enterprise Warriors.
• Generate energy, purpose and vision.
• Tell your story – attract your tribe.
• Follow the path of productivity, people and profit.
• Avoid pitfalls, dead ends and cliffs.
• Receive simple systems for complex issues.
• Build a positive, proactive, synergistic company culture.

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The Journalism of Life – “Learn to tell a compelling story: Your Story”

When someone asks you about yourself, or what you do, you have just a few seconds to engage their interest. This lively, interactive workshop will teach you how to articulate your mission in a compelling way. Read More…

Workshops for Women

This is a very special time to be a woman in business. Old institutions are collapsing, basic goods and services are in greater demand than ever, our environment is being stressed, and we are being barraged by more information than we know how to handle.  Read More…