Virtual Training

Our virtual training seminars are the most accessible way to learn tried-and-true business systems from experts with more than 30 years of business success.  Each session is conducted by one of our seasoned mentors online.

Webinar: The Roles & Skills of a CEO Mentor – Led By Dave Jenks  Friday, June 22nd, 1:00 EDT

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In this webinar, ExecSense examines the most effective tips, techniques and best practices for mentoring and coaching the top talent at your company. Learn the best tips and techniques from other CEOs, what younger professionals and even management team executives benefit from the most in a mentor, and how you can excel at being am mentor to help develop talent at your company. The webinar is led by an expert, Dave Jenks (co-founder & CVO,, on this topic and focuses on:

  • Everything you need to know in 60 minutes about  CEO best practices for mentoring and coaching and how to implement these strategies with people you feel have a lot of potential at your company.
  • The most important tips, techniques and strategies that younger professionals can emulate to be more efficient professionally and find a better work/life balance; how to be a mentor to senior executives at your company;  how to mentor a prospective future CEO (or prospective management team member)at your company.
  • Answers to the 10 questions most asked by CEOs about mentoring and why this is so critical to developing internal talent.
  • Case studies of mentoring strategies used by CEOs, case studies of how CEO’s have mentored specific types of employees, and important lessons learned that you can immediately implement to help develop and coach internal talent at your company.

Upon registering, ExecSense will immediately email you all access information for this upcoming webinar.  You will also receive access to the recorded files in case you are unable to attend the live event (registration prior to live event is required).  You can view the webinar on your computer, Ipad,  Android and many other devices.