Roy and Michelle G., Sedona, AZ

Roy and Michelle asked Free Enterprise Warriors to help them take their real estate sales business to the next level.  Roy is a long-time, highly-respected agent in the Sedona, Arizona area.  When he married Michelle, she joined his business as a creative marketer and proved her strong administrative executive skills.  They knew that they needed more help to grow their business, so Michelle asked Tina and Dave to help them put the necessary changes in place.

“Working with Dave and Tina has been a godsend,” says Michelle.  “They have such practical wisdom about what needs to be done and what comes first.  Even with Roy’s strong reputation, our business was not achieving the closings and the income it should.  We were spending a lot of money on marketing and not getting an adequate return on that investment.”

Free Enterprise Warriors helped Roy and Michelle reduce their costs by over $40,000 and implement a regular system of email newsletters that is inexpensive and effective.  They increased their database of clients, friends, and advocates; and they are now consistently sending newsletters to them twice a month.  One is about real estate and the other is about Sedona.

“We just love Sedona,” enthuses Michelle, “and we know all the best places to hike, visit, eat, and stay.  So now we’re sharing that with all our contacts, and they love it!  Dave and Tina truly helped us expand our influence and attract business.”