Matt K., Boulder, CO

“Working with Dave and Tina has turned my business around,” says owner and real estate broker Matt K.  “They have helped me make several critical strategic changes in my business, which is now primed to grow here in Boulder, and open franchises in target markets throughout North America and worldwide.”

The Free Enterprise Warriors team helped Matt restructure his economic model, reduce operating costs, install a first-class agent training program, and implement a Relationship Development System (CRM) that has already generated business leads and attracted two highly-qualified people to work on Matt’s staff.

“The weekly meetings I have with Tina and Dave keep me focused on my priorities and help put systems in place that save me time and generate results,” adds Matt.  “They are like having another set of executives in my business – they understand what I’m dealing with and they have pragmatic answers that work.  Better yet, they help me get things done.”