Jana C., Crown Point, Indiana

Jana had the number one producing real estate sales team in her local market and a real estate office that was growing fast.  The day-to-day operations of both businesses were run by people she hired, so didn’t need to be there to supervise them.  Jana had become a true business owner , and decided that she was ready to take on a new venture.  Jana came to Dave, and now Free Enterprise Warriors is currently working with her to launch a joint venture called “The Vision Force Project,” which will train, consult, and partner with top real estate sales teams across North America.

“I just did what Dave Jenks taught me to do–I read his books and went to his classes.  Then I came back to Indiana and put those ideas and systems in place.  Dave taught me how to hire the right people, how to get them to work as a team, and how to help them grow as leaders.  I’m very excited to work with Dave and his team to share this wisdom with other agents who want to become business leaders.”

Free Enterprise Warriors helped Jana acquire a name for the project, a website, a custom-designed logo, and a brochure.  They helped her organize, promote, and deliver the first Vision Force seminar.  Free Enterprise Warriors will remain a part of the project, helping clients implement the Vision Force systems in their businesses.