Carol P., Las Cruces, NM

Carol Pouy is a unique and talented educator.  She has spent a lifetime learning how to help children overcome their learning difficulties.  She has a special gift and a developed system that allows her to see the true talents of a child, and then to help that child expand their motivation, confidence, and learning.

“I’ve always loved my work and I’m passionate about helping children, but my business was disorganized.  I was successful in working with children but I wasn’t doing it in the most efficient manner.  Although I knew I was spending too much time on things that should be outsourced to knowledgeable people, I didn’t know how to go about finding them.  Hiring the Free Enterprise Warriors Team helped me get back to what I do best– changing the lives of children.”

“Not only have they helped me define my priorities, they helped me create a contact database that I can reach out to on a consistent basis.  This has attracted more clients, and brought me talented professionals who provide more tutoring services for the children.  I know that with their guidance I can expand my programs, add more staff, and help more families. ”