Success Stories

Free Enterprise Warriors has worked with clients from very different industries.  Their one commonality: They’ve all rediscovered their joy in work as they’ve cleared the road to increased profits.

We’re with our clients every step up the rocky path to help achieve the goals they have set.  After all, we are warriors, and warriors understand the power of teamwork and alliance.

Story #1: “Moving from Marketing to Relationships”

Michelle G.,  Sedona, AZ

See how Free Enterprise Warriors helped Roy and Michelle reduce their operations costs, increase their client database, and take their real estate business to the next level.    Read More…

Story #2: “Leverage”

Carol P., Las Cruces, NM

Carol has helped many children overcome their learning difficulties, but found that running a business takes up a lot more time than expected. Check out how Free Enterprise Warriors helped Carol manage her time more efficiently so she could get back to the heart of her business–helping children.  Read More…

Story #3: “Vision & Goals”

Jana C.,   Crown Point, Indiana

Jana needed help establishing a new nationwide project, and Free Enterprise Warriors answered her call.  In addition to helping Jana with a website, logo, and brochure, Free Enterprise Warriors is currently helping her organize, promote, and deliver the first of several project seminars.  Read More…

Story 4:  “Preparing for Expansion”

Matt K.,  Boulder, CO

What does it take to get a business ready for global expansion?  Matt learned that all you need is a weekly chat with the Team.  Read More…

Story 5: “Building a Tribe”

Greg B., Westchester County, NY

Greg knew he needed to expand his marketing efforts to grow his business, but wasn’t sure where to begin.  Free Enterprise Warriors helped establish a set of marketing criteria, and in a few months. Greg had tripled his client database.  Read More…