The Entrepreneur's Survival Guide by Tina Campbell

In The Entrepreneurs’ Survival Guide Tina Campbell gives you the tools and mindset that will help you not just survive, but thrive, on the business landscape.

five + one by Chas Wilson

A pragmatic formula for an entrepreneur to grow a business using the the 5 "T's" plus the one master skill of networking.

Now Make Good by Chas Wilson

For those who want more, for those who want to make a difference, for those who are committed to success, this book is for you!

The Currency of Connection by Carol & Rick Gabrielly

Are you feeling lonely, isolated, or withdrawn at work? Putting in too much effort, and all you have is a bunch of data? Stop being a ‘collector’ and become a Connector! Do you feel disengaged, distant or drained? Would you like to meet more nice people? Have enjoyable, comfortable conversations? With less ‘heavy lifting’ & awkwardness? Master The Currency of Connection and Enjoy

The Entrepreneur's Big Book by Chris Lipper

Being an entrepreneur can be scary, so can driving long distances alone. I am not suggesting that there is anything wrong with it or us. Get On The Bus™. Let’s plot a vision, a destiny of your choosing. Let’s stay the course and learn how to pivot if really needed. Learn from others’ mistakes and most of all enjoy your ride.

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