A New Way to Network: Master Networks – WarriorTalk Podcast with Dave Jenks


Networking has been part of society and commerce since the earliest written records of civilization.  The basics always remain the same:  people gather together, share their services and build their relationships.

Master Networks, a company based in Rochester, Minnesota, is now playing this proven game in a new and innovative way. For them, the regular gathering of local entrepreneurs and business owners is not just about doing business and sharing referrals with each other.  It is also about helping members grow powerful, profitable ventures.

In this episode of WarriorTalk, Dave Jenks talks about this new networking model and why it really impresses him.  You might even find that this is a business opportunity for YOU!

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  1. Really liking the concept!
    Very intetested!!

    Dennis Hearing
    Renovation Loan Specialist
    Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

  2. Dennis, check out MasterNetworks.net. Tell them you heard of it from us! Thanks!


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