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No matter where we turn, there is constant political talk.  Even more now, in an election year.  As entrepreneurs, it is a challenge to keep up with all the chatter. At some point, it feels like a distraction from our work and we tune it out.

But more than ever, this year’s election is important to us as business owners and entrepreneurs.  It’s not the old “it’s just politics” mantra anymore.  Our self interest and our business future requires us to stay informed.  If we aren’t, the anti-business forces will have their way.

Dave Jenks shares his side of the story and how we, as business owners, can stay on top of our leadership game and truly be a player in this year’s election. And, beyond!!!

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Links to what we talked about on the show:
The Road to Freedom by Arthur Brooks
Cato Institute
Hillsdale College

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  1. Just finished listening to F.E.W. LOVED IT!! Used to coach with Dave several years ago and it was like being on a coaching call with him again. The business and wisdom principals are awesome in this book. My husband and I run our together business and were starting to feel a little stale or stagnant. This book inspired us to set new goals for growth and take things to next level. Thanks Dave! As always, you’re the best!

  2. Laurie, thank you for the kind words! I passed them onto Dave.

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