Being a Peaceful Warrior – Staying Calm in the Storm: WarriorTalk Podcast

Not long ago, we stumbled upon a blog post by Jonathan Fields called “Embrace the Thrash.”  In it, Jonathan discusses the stressful challenges of building anything new.  We loved it, especially the word “thrash.”  It really describes what almost everyone encounters when starting something from scratch.  It’s hard to describe, but you feel it and you know it’s for real.

In this new podcast, Dave Jenks discusses this “thrash” post and what he has done to help get through tension-filled times.  He shares the mindset and the  pragmatic techniques that minimize the stress and maximize the success.  In the end, he shares the four classic books that have guided him and why they are so helpful.

You can read Jonathan’s blog post here.

Books We Talked About:
How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie
A New Guide to Rational Living by Robert Harper
Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy by David Burns
How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World by Harry Browne

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  1. Hi Dave and Matt
    This podcast was great…for a couple of reasons. The content was timely and well explained; the podcast staed on track of what it said it woudl do andthe clarity of the sound was wonderful. It was almost as good as bbeing right there talking to you both. Thank you for your time and sharing

  2. The podcast “Staying calm in the storm” came to my email a week after I bought my cell phone protection cover that has a Winston Churchill quote “Keep Calm and Carry On”..I guess you do attract what you think about!

  3. Mike Netzel says:

    Dave and Matt,
    Well said on being well read!
    I have been blessed to sit in close proximity to Dave,
    when the sound system needed to reach the room crashed.
    With no fuss..he stopped the world and got off.
    All eyes were gazing upon the Tech when he came in.
    Immediate paranoia the response.
    Then – fixed!
    Then a “Negative Nellie” continued to hurl verbal darts…
    loosely guised as “commentary” at all Dave was sharing.
    What to do?
    Stop the world and get off.
    Without a whisper or hint of anger in his voice…
    he took her on.
    Explaining that what was hidden from her view…
    the doubt and the dismay she voiced that day…
    is what all life long was getting in her way.
    Her work needing done was an inside job!
    I have no recall as to what Dave spoke of that day.
    Probably brilliant. 🙂
    I will never forget the “Carefrontations”.
    Without keeping his ego and energy in check…
    they could have easily been conveyed as an assault.

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