The Truth about Keller Williams Realty – WarriorTalk with Dave Jenks

kwIn 1996, after 15 years as a leader in the real estate industry (with Century 21 and Prudential), Dave joined Keller Williams and teamed up with Gary Keller and Mo Anderson . Over the next 12 years the company grew from 2,000 agents to over 72,000. Now that Dave has been away from KWRI for over 4 years, he wants to share the real “truth” about the company – the inside story.

In this Warrior Talk podcast, Dave goes behind the numbers and the growth to talk about things that most real estate industry players don’t realize about KW.  His many decades of work in real estate franchising and the research he did in co-authoring a series of best selling books, including MREA, MREI and SHIFT give him a unique perspective on what makes the company tick.

Whether you are with Keller Williams or not, you will find Dave’s comments revealing and intriguing.

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  1. Maggie Crosby~ LeBlanc says:

    I LOVE THIS! I sure do miss me some Dave Jenks….@ KW. I trust everything is AMAZING with you and Laurie. Just launched a new MC in Charleston…think of you both often.

    All my best~

  2. Sherrie Puffer says:

    As always Dave is a brilliant communicator taking the complex and succinctly bringing it to the student. Thanks so much for sharing this – a wonderful testimonial.

  3. Best real estate company to be affiliated with!

  4. Very positive overview of KW. What are the negative/weak aspects of the KW model for KW owners and agents?

  5. Matt & Dave,

    Thank you so much for this amazing audio session. I want to personally thank Dave for all he has done to grow KW and inspire me personally to think BIG about the KW profit share opportunity. I wanted to ask you guys if it was ok for me to upload this audio onto my KW Career Blog: , with the appropriate credits and links back to your site. Thanks!!

  6. Aaron – Thanks for you good. Yes, feel free to post it and link back to our site. Dave

  7. Aaron,

    Thanks for the kind words! Yes, feel free to post it and use it. Thanks!


  8. Nancy Farber says:


    I just want to thank you for taking the time to create this pod cast. I know it will prove to be extremely helpful in sharing with other agents to explain what makes our company so different, and truly the BEST place to be in our industry!

  9. Dave speaks the truth as usual!

    Keller Williams has transformed our business and our lives! It is absolutely the
    best place to hang your license. If you are looking to make more money, share in the profits, have a say in how it is run or most importantly be associated with a company that has the resources to help agents take their business to whatever level they want!

  10. Thank you both for sharing. Can’t wait to share this with others who can Profit through our company. No other company gives you the tools to grow your business to the next level and at the same time providing sound advice to make our lives worth living.

  11. Good afternoon Dave, To a man that truely shaped our lives and our business, Thank you. We were so blessed to be allowed to speak with you for 4 years every week and listen and learn how to shape our foundation of our company. Over the years we have taken to heart the education and guidance that you bestowed on us and today our company is running like a fine watch with Darla & I out of the day to day. We miss your knowledge and eed to pug in.

  12. Mary Charters says:


    This was a great podcast… very concise and informative! I am sending it on to a couple of others.

    Joe & I moved to Naples, FL last April and just recently joined the new KW market center in Naples. Still part of MD/DC region as well and doing business through a team in my office there.

    Miss seeing your face around the KW events but glad that you are loving what you are doing! I’ve been following your bike rides on FB!


  13. Dear Dave,

    Thanks for sharing your unique insight about what makes Keller Williams the great company it is.

    Thanks again for coming out to Las Vegas in December to help train our ALC. What a gift! You have an amazing ability to convey what may be a complex or hard to understand concept and explain it simply and succinctly for all to understand.

    You are missed…

    Denise Freed

  14. Beautifully and eloquently stated, Dave. Few have the insight you have of the essence of Keller Williams Realty and the models we follow. My very best to you and Laurie mate! I miss our conversations and speak of you often as I travel the country teaching the ALC Clinic.

    Like Aaron, I would love to share this podcast with your permission, credit and linking back to your site.

    Congratulations on the new home!



  15. The always articulate and brilliant business mind of Dave Jenks! Miss you Dave!!!!!!!

  16. Excellent. It’s the most comprehensive, best articulated overview I’ve heard of Keller Williams. I would love to see this as a video with Power Point bullet points. There’s so much great information here.

  17. Jeff Rubenstein says:

    Fantastic interview! Thank you Dave for breaking down KW to the core elements of the company. Northern Colorado has not experienced KW in it’s true fashion and after the dismantling of the Fort Collins Market Center it’s time to build it again from the ground up. I would like to use this video (appropriate credits given) as a guiding force in showing Northen Colorado what KW is truly all about for it’s agents and part of the community.

  18. Few can speak as eloquently about our business models as you do. Good job, Dave.

  19. Bobby Faulk says:

    Think of you very, very often, Janet and I miss you and your leadership, and your fishing prowess!

  20. Scott Crouch says:

    Dave Thank you for sharing your insights, knowledge and perspective on Keller Williams. Thank you for all you have done and are doing , you’re a true inspiration and I thank you!!

  21. Dave, thank you for doing this and thank you for always being awesome. I think of you so often and trust you’re doing well as I know you always are.

  22. Well done Gents. As always Dave, a true pleasure to hear you break down into simplest form the reason why the models resonate with agents at the highest level.

  23. Dave Conord says:

    Great stuff, Dave! I’m still using sound bites from you that I learned back in the beginning! (and the hand motions, lol)
    Congrats on your continued success and thanks for constantly providing great tools and information!


  24. Dave, excellent delivery regarding the truths and nuggets of Keller Williams Realty.

  25. Dave,

    Amazing, and well said! We miss you @KW. May I use this link on my Career Building website, with proper credits and back links to your podcast?



  26. Howard, Thank you! Please use it any way you want to. And, thanks for the good words! Dave

  27. Usha Patel says:

    I still listen to many of the tapes you recorded and love listening to and learning from you and your team. Thank you for being an amazing role model and helping me to see how to flow with life like a river. Wishing you blessings and an abundance of happiness.

  28. So proud to be with Keller Williams Realty in the Greater Raleigh area. Its the reason my business has grown to the extent where my team was named KW Cary Team of the Year 2013,Top 5 KW Teams, Carolina’s Region and to the Top Ten in the Carolina’s region in June 2014. They are well put together, the training is amazing. And the support is absolutely the best in my opinion. I had come from a large well know firm to KW….never looked back. You build your own brand with them,most of your money earned stays with you.

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