Strategic Partners: Who Needs ’em?

You do!  As your marketing efforts grow, think about who best to refer you to clients.  One answer is connecting with a trusted service provider who knows you and loves you.  First, make a short list of those providers who would give you a great referral if asked.  These are your “Advocates”.  Next, reach out to the Advocates and see who would be interested in increasing awareness with clients in each other’s sphere of influence (SOI).

Some of the ways you may increase awareness are:   put flyers/brochures in the office of that serivce provider (passive), insert a link to each others website on your sites, give them a testimonial to send out or hold some type of event that brings your SOI’s together (active).  Obviously the event type is more work but there is more to be gained by it.

One group, BNI (Business Networking International), that I’ve had relationship building results with, does this on a local level.  BNI uses strategic partners to construct a structured, positive, and professional “word-of-mouth” program that enables them to develop long-term, meaningful relationships with quality business professionals. 

Jump start your own system by sitting down with your trusted providers for one-on-one meetings; go for a cup of coffee and brain storm how to bring the two spheres together.  Remember it has to be organic, meaning natural rather than forced.  So what if your business is not on a local level, that trusted provider is only a Skype call away. 

At FEW we’ve found that the often overlooked Advocates are your best cheerleaders and you want to know who they know.
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