Diversity, Identity and Dissension: what’s with all the posturing?

brEver get into a conversation with someone about an important topic, one you’ve thought a lot about, and it ends up being a fight? All you wanted was a good discussion and it turns into a boxing match.  No truth seeking, just point making. No understanding, just misunderstanding.

Thanks to technology and social media, it seems to happen more and more these days.  We are a much more connected society.  We can communicate instantly with each other, using a device we keep in our pocket.  It seems that the more we’re connected, the more heated the debates become. Not just in the media, but in our personal relationships.

In this episode of WarriorTalk, Dave Jenks dives into this topic to find out WHY we do it and WHAT we can do to fix the problem, gain some understanding and avoid hurt feelings.

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