Dealing with Addiction: A Real Personal Perspective – WarriorTalk with Dave Jenks

adA study in 2004 said that more than two-thirds of American families have been touched by addiction — either with alcohol or drugs.

Addiction comes in many different forms and is unique to each person.  But when you get down to the details, much of it is the same:  habits that can be dangerous and harm someone’s life.

Dave Jenks knows this personally.  In 1999, he stood up in front of a group of people and said “I’m Dave, and I’m an alcoholic.”

From that moment, Dave went through a transformation.  A transformation that helped to get his life back on track.  A transformation that he shares in this edition of WarriorTalk; one of the most heartfelt and honest discussions we’ve ever had.

If you suffer from an addiction or know someone that does, we created this for you.

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