The Greatest Invention in Human History – WarriorTalk Podcast with Dave Jenks

ivWhat is the greatest invention humans have ever created?

This question really makes us think, doesn’t it? Our mind immediately starts to generate answers. And, many different ideas come to mind.  We can go all the way back in time to the discovery of fire or the wheel.  The Renaissance produced the printing press and many new scientific discoveries.  The Industrial Revolution produced: the light bulb, the gasoline engine, the car and the airplane.  Some would say the creation of the computer that has launched the information era we’re in now.  Maybe it’s the Internet which has led to an explosion of knowledge, creativity, and connection.

But Dave Jenks has his own unique answer to the question.  It’s one that will probably surprise us. And it will definitely make us think.

Take a listen to this week’s WarriorTalk podcast and let us know what YOU think.

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