Free Warrior Tour of America

Dave Jenks, our senior wizard and chief creativity officer is off on an adventure. He left Boulder this week for the start of his Free Warrior Tour of America.  
So what is the Free Warrior Tour you might ask? Dave has been yearning to travel the country for several years. He will travel the highways and bi-ways of America at his own pace. He’ll stop in small towns, big towns, and everything in between.

He’ll be open to what shows up and allow his curiosity to be his guide. Spurred on by his deep interest in the spirit of enterprise, we’re sure to hear stories that will inspire, inform and entertain us.  

We’re looking forward to hearing from him!


  1. Dave – hoping to see you in the DC area – can’t wait!!

  2. Mike Netzel says:

    We have an entire floor awaiting you here!
    Your own bathroom, laundry facilities, and a house
    full of people who would be thrilled to see you.
    If Pittsburgh does not make your tour list,
    we might have to find a way to re direct your GPS!
    Your friend and Mentee,

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