An Apology To My Grandchildren… WarriorTalk Podcast with Dave Jenks

Dave Jenks

Dave Jenks

This is one of the most heartfelt messages Dave Jenks has ever delivered.

Beyond all the talk about “fiscal cliffs” and government finances, Dave feels that his generation has something it needs to admit to and apologize for. It needs to be honest with its children and grandchildren. It needs to say:  “We are truly sorry we’ve put you in this position. Help us get it corrected.”

In his bestselling book, Tom Brokaw called it the “greatest generation” – the Americans who lived through the Great Depression and were victorious in World War II.  Dave Jenks calls his post-war baby boomers the “greediest generation!”

In this session of Warrior Talk, he invites the members of his children’s and grandchildren’s generations to take charge and correct the problems his generation has created. And, he’s clear about what it will take and how to do it.

In just sixteen short minutes you will experience an inspiring message. A message that you will want to pass on to all the young people you care about.

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