Dave was driven by curiosity. He always has been. As an avid college student, he double-majored in Math and Physics. As a doctoral student he studied counseling and educational psychology. He focused his research on learning, teaching and motivation. Along the way he studied business, selling, marketing, organizational leadership and franchise deployment. He has studied neuroscience and the psychology or personal development. Dave knows a lot about a lot.

He loves to share what he has learned. And, he hasn’t stopped learning. Whatever topic you want to talk about, Dave was there – not as a know-it-all (he doesn’t), but as a fellow seeker of wisdom and truth. Over three years, Dave has written and podcasted his personal memoires, a project called “SEEKER: A Journey Toward Wisdom.” He emphasized that he was in his “encore years,” and he encouraged others to join him in life-long learning. When he shares his journey and his insights, people are fascinated. They want to know more. They want to join him on the path of the seeker.

You too can continue on the path of the seeker by downloading and listening to his podcasts below.


EPISODE 1: A Journey Toward Wisdom – Episode #1

For the past three years, Dave Jenks has been traversing America with just himself, his Jeep and a few belongings. This journey from small towns to major metropolitan areas was not only a journey to explore our great nation, but a journey for Dave to discover himself.

Dave shares the insights he gained during all this “windshield time,” as he calls it. Traveling alone in a car for hours can expand your thinking and make you look at your life and the world differently. It can help you gain enhanced wisdom and deeper understanding.

Dave would like to invite you to join him on this journey into the many topics of life.

In the first edition of this podcast series, Dave and Matt will discuss its purpose, many of the topics we’ll discuss and how YOU can go on your own seeker journey, along with us.

EPISODE 2: A Journey Toward Wisdom – Episode #2

In our last episode, Dave disclosed the importance of being a SEEKER – the advantages of enhancing your wisdom and gaining a deeper understanding of the world and your life.

But how does one BECOME a SEEKER?

In this edition, Dave reveals the skills and outlines the path to becoming a seeker.  He talks about enjoying the life-long pursuit of discovery. It isn’t just about the destination, it’s about the adventure of the journey!

EPISODE 3: Mental Health

The world has become more hectic and our lives are increasingly busy.  It often seems that a bunch of things are all happening at the same time. This can take a toll on our mental health and confidence.  Whether we need to make an important decision for ourselves, for our family or for our business, the noise and furor around us can create confusion. It becomes a challenge to think for ourselves.

How do we handle this chaos and pressure? How do we handle the stress of life? How do we deal with the self-doubt or discouragement that can kick in? How do we maintain a clear mind to be able to move forward, stay on track and enjoy the journey of our life?

Dave shares his wisdom on maintaining mental health, gaining clarity and achieving psychological strength, in this week’s episode of SEEKER.


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