The Truth About eXp Realty

Who is eXp realty? Are they truly a virtual company? Does that actually benefit their agent members? How does their revenue-share system work? Is it a realistic wealth-building opportunity? Can you believe what their recruiters are promising?

Based on over 30 years of experience in the real estate industry (with three national companies) and as a student of the business game, Dave gives us his answers. They may surprise you, but they will certainly inform you. And, his final piece of advice is very clear: BUYER BEWARE!

KW: The Training Never Stops

Keller Williams climb to the top of the real estate industry, is an amazing business story. That story has a powerful central theme: a total commitment to education and training.

Recently Keller Williams was named the #1 training organization in the world. The honor was bestowed by Training Magazine in is annual Top 125 awards program.

How did KW accomplish that and why is it important to its agents and franchise owners? What competitive advantage does it give them in their work with local consumers?

As the former Dean of Keller Williams University and one of its early leaders, Dave answers these questions and reveals some details few people know about.

KW LABS: The Agent’s Best Friend

WHO ARE YOUR BEST FRIENDS? For Keller Williams agents, it’s their own unique pet dogs – the KW LABS. It’s not actually a cute, obedient living animal; it’s a smart, creative, living process. It’s the systematic way that Keller Williams creates training, marketing and technology that truly serves and empowers the agents.

In this podcast, Dave takes a provocative look at where it came from, how it works and what it does. In fact, it’s a world-class model for how all new products and services should be developed.

Even though this latest version is cutting-edge, it’s a process that has been used by Gary Keller for years. It may actually be the reason that KW has earned so many awards and national recognition for its training, marketing and technology programs.

In the end, it’s a “thought process” that we can all use to improve the services we provide and the customer satisfaction we achieve!

KW: The Eighth Model – TECHNOLOGY

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

Gary Keller told Brad Inman at the CONNECT Conference in January that Keller Williams is a “technology company.” What did he mean by that? Aren’t they the world’s largest real estate company?

Gary also told the audience, and thousands of online viewers, that the future of real estate will be controlled by Artificial Intelligence driven by Big Data. What does all this mean for the real estate agent? What does it mean for consumers.

In his twenty-minute Warrior Talk podcast, Dave provides the answers, and gives the proper perspectives. Enjoy this tech-world, eye-opening excursion!

The Truth About Keller Williams – Part 2

How has KW risen to the top of the real estate industry? How has it become #1 in the world, and is 40% bigger than any other company.

In this podcast, Dave reveals the answers.

He tells us the truth about Keller Williams.

He’s earned the right to talk about this. Dave has been in the real estate business for over 30 years, he has been with three different national companies, and he has co-authored five best-selling real estate books.

You will appreciate the wisdom and the depth of his analysis.