It’s Always About The Money – WarriorTalk Podcast with Dave Jenks

In the sub title of The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, the book our own Dave Jenks co-authored, they say “It’s not about the money.”

But is that always true?

Recently, Dave was heard saying the OPPOSITE of this statement.  So, which is it Dave? Tell us what you really believe!

So he did – in this session of Warrior Talk.  You may be surprised by his answers.

Here’s a hint: he says that many people don’t understand the money side of business.  Sometimes, they even say that “the money doesn’t really matter to me.”  But, Dave shows us why it ALWAYS matters; even when it’s NOT your purpose or the primary mission of your business.  This is also true for not-for-profit ventures.

In the brief few minutes of this podcast, you will come to a deeper understanding of why “it is always about the money.” And, how to make that truth work for you.

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