“In-depth, In-the-moment, On-the-run” .

Free Enterprise Warrior’s On-Demand-Consulting is uniquely designed for the fast and busy life of an entrepreneur.

We know you like to get things done and take action. And that’s why our on-demand-consulting is there when YOU need it, and won’t cost you anything when you don’t!

On-Demand-Consulting is available for both short term and long term projects, when it’s right for you. Each of our FEW consultants has a unique perspective and specialty that you can access, when you need it, and only if you need it.

Do you need strategic planning, creative culture building for your team, new training programs, or creative problem solving for complex business issues? Call Dave Jenks. He’s a longtime expert in helping business leaders and entrepreneurs with high-level business issues.

Do you want more business? Look no further than Tina Campbell who will be your guide, as well as strategic partner, in building your referral business. Tina’s Relationship Development System (RDS) is guaranteed to attract the kind of clients you want, keep them for life, and receive their referrals.

Call us today at 914.441.1383 to talk with us about the kind of On-Demand-Consulting that you are ready for, NOW!