Our Mission

FEW is an umbrella consultancy company that teaches, guides, and mentors first-time Veteran entrepreneurs by connecting them with coaches and experts to create a successful and sustainable business.

Our Vision

Our 2024 vision is to provide a national online resource for first-time Veteran business owners to jumpstart their entrepreneurial journey.

Our Core Values



Free Enterprise Warrior’s Consulting is uniquely designed to fast track your new business to success.


Dive into our resources and materials designed to help budding entrepreneurs. Get access to our training videos, classes, and podcasts made just for YOU.


to experts

Pairing you with complementary business professionals who will mentor

and guide you.

Guiding your business on

the right path.

Free Enterprise Warriors was created in 2009 to support and empower courageous, learning-based entrepreneurs.  We provide an infrastructure to businesses in the form of support, leadership, training and accountability, so that the entrepreneur can grow their enterprise to its maximum potential.

The FEW Process

for launching your business...

Needs Assessment

We'll have a conversation around what your goals are, and using those as a compass, we'll evaluate which business path best suits you.

Establish Your Business

With your path set, we'll set you up with skilled experts in industries such as branding and social media to get your business jumpstarted.

Guidance & Resources

We'll provide you access to tactical resources such as books, apps, and videos that will assist you in accelerating your growth.

Connections & Collaborations

Finally, we'll connect you with the people you need on your team who will help facilitate the growth of your business.


We host an array of webinars and classes geared towards educating new business owners.

Listen to podcasts from business leaders. Find inspiration and ideas here.

Based on more than 30 years of experience and research Dave Jenks shares the mindset, skill set, and path of courageous entrepreneurs.

Our very own membership area offers more free resources and materials ranging from audiobooks to educational videos, talks and courses.


Get expert and hands-on help for your business now.

Michelle G., Sedona, AZ

“Moving from Marketing to Relationships”

Free Enterprise Warriors helped Roy and Michelle reduce their operations costs, increase their client database, and take their real estate business to the next level.

Carol P., Las Cruces, NM


Carol has helped many children overcome their learning difficulties, but found that running a business takes up a lot more time than expected. Check out how Free Enterprise Warriors helped Carol manage her time more efficiently so she could get back to the heart of her business–helping children.

Jana C., Crown Point, Indiana

“Vision & Goals”

Jana needed help establishing a new nationwide project, and Free Enterprise Warriors answered her call.  In addition to helping Jana with a website, logo, and brochure, Free Enterprise Warriors is currently helping her organize, promote, and deliver the first of several project seminars.

Carol P., Las Cruces, NM


The FEW Team has successfully "Jump-Started" my tutoring business. I have helped many children overcome their learning difficulties, but I found that running a business takes up a lot more time than expected. Free Enterprise Warriors helped me manage my business more efficiently so I could get back to the heart of her business–helping children.