The Journalism of Life – “Learn to tell a compelling story: Your Story”

Creating a provocative headline

  1. Attention getting
  2. Shocking
  3. Unique
  4. Humorous

The Lead Sentence – “Hooks and Ladders”

  1. Grabbing and sustain attention
  2. Making a promise
  3. Mysteries to solve
  4. Tension to resolve
  5. Crises to calm

The Lead Paragraph – “Turning the Trick into the Treat”

  1. Holding and sustaining attention.
  2. Validity, credibility, integrity, substance

Outlining the Story

  1. Going from the most important to the most detailed
  2. Sustaining interest

The Ending – “Finishing the Story”

  1. Surprise
  2. Satisfied
  3. Call to Action
  4. Resolution
  5. What’s next

The Context of the Story

  1. Bulletin
  2. News
  3. Feature
  4. To be continued

What do I want my readers to say, feel, think and do

Building a conversation – “Permission Based Story Telling

The Journalistic Dance – “Satisfying people to the level they are ready”

  1. Telling and selling

Join us to get better, to get really GOOD, at telling your story. And we mean YOUR story.  

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