Relationship Development Systems

Priority #2: Relationship Development Systems: Building a Tribe

A successful enterprise needs allies.  We’re here to help you find them and rally them to your cause.

Once you have your target allies in sight, we will help you design a compelling and creative marketing strategy to win them over.  We find that making your message as personal as possible attracts the most loyal and lasting customers.  Sending out regular mailers, contacting clients directly, and maintaining friendly relationships are just a few examples of successful ways to establish your customer base, increase income, and build clients for life.

Our essential services in this stage include:

  • Defining the target market that will most benefit from your product or service
  • Discovering the right incentives to motivate them to respond
  • Establishing and maintaining constant contact with your client customer base
  • Creating and managing marketing communications and timetables
  • Making sure these systems are delivering fantastic levels of response and solid return on investment

Now, you can look out over your newly formed tribe.  You are the leader, and they are your loyal advocates.  You know who they are and how to stay in touch with them.  They will support you through thick and thin, simply because you made an effort to reach them on a personal level and a secure, lasting relationship.

Next, we are ready to move on to your internal financial operations.

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