Making 2014 the Greatest Year in the History of Your Business! – WarriorTalk Podcast with Dave Jenks

Once again, a new year is upon us!  There’s a feeling of potential, of hope and of “what could be if…”  Many of us can feel the excitement of growth and potential.  We also have a sense of urgency to get the year started on the right foot.

Yet, it’s seldom easy to actually do it. Sometimes the tasks of planning and goal setting can be overwhelming. Sometimes we just don’t know where to begin. We have the best of intentions, but life gets in the way.  We can get stuck or even put it off.

So, how do we get over the hump?  How do we get our mojo working?  How do we make a plan that truly takes our business to the next level this year?

Dave Jenks has some very instructive and inspiring answers for us. In this new 2014 WarriorTalk podcast, Dave show us how to unlock our entrepreneurial creativity.  The podcast is only 18 minutes long, but it’s impact can last for the whole year, or even longer. Have a listen!

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  1. Dave,

    Great podcast! Miss hearing your voice and seeing you. If there was ever an aspect of being a Team Leader and Designated Real Estate Broker that I feel I failed at, it was convincing the real estate agents for whom I held their licenses to REALLY think of their real estate business as a business. I would teach creating a budget, tracking results, goal setting, etc but few if any of the agents actually did any of it. I was “too close” to them. Bring someone in from more than 50 miles away and they became the expert and some would do what they have been taught over the years but now the same info came from the “expert”, not from me. That was okay because that is what they should be doing. It was just frustrating.


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