The team at Free Enterprise Warriors has a rich and varied background in business. We want to support the global transformation from the bottom up.

Dave’s On Demand Coaching” can range from a brainstorming session to developing a plan to restructure your business. Many of Dave’s clients are at a stage where they want to lift themselves out of the driver’s seat and hire their replacement.  Click here to read more

Laurie’s On Trend strategic coaching will support existing businesses, and those in the launch phase, who want to keep their ventures thriving. Many of Laurie’s clients are building into their business model new initiatives for social responsibility and community involvement. They enjoy her intuitive understanding of where things are going, and her quality of deep listening to what is important to them.  Click here to read more

For information please call 914.441.1383- or Sign up for email updates on our main page for dates of upcoming events we will be hosting.