Is the effort of trying to come up with Content driving you crazy? Re-purpose it!

As an entrepreneur are you spending valuable time trying to create content for your newsletters, blog, social media, etc.?   Every expert on ‘web marketing’ extols the virtues of creating original content to be infused into social media, blogs and websites to generate top of mind awareness and drive business to your website. Is this causing you anxiety or are you just avoiding it?


 Repurposing is used to convert your message in the various formats of communication. In this case, use your unique idea and infuse it in all of your messaging: newsletter, website/blog, social media, ads and events. Not only will your message be seen by more people, it will become a natural identifier to your company when repetitively read in all of your marketing.

 Spend the time to answer the following 2 questions: 

  1. What makes you different or unique in your industry? If you were the “Specialist” or Guru in your industry, what could you teach?
  2. What stories can you tell that will highlight that uniqueness?

If the message is authentic then the ideas will flow rather than racking your brain to come up with interesting content. At least once a month – perhaps weekly – think of one story, funny anecdote, interesting link or timely statistic that you can send out to your sphere. If you are in a particularly creative mode, keep a list of ideas saved as you brainstorm. Now, write your current idea in 1-2 paragraphs. Then Repurpose it!

 Spread it throughout your marketing touch points. Be authentic and you will bring your community closer, fuel the referral business and create new content. A win-win situation!  

As Virtual COO’s for the past 3 years we have seen this system work; it’s been proven. If you are unsure of how to start, give us a call for a free assessment of your current systems. We are the Virtual COO’s for entrepreneurs who know when it’s time to bring in the team.

WarriorTalk: Language and Terms between Generations

Laurie Hathorn and Matt Haze were having a discussion a few weeks ago about language and terms that generations use.  Many times we mean the same thing… but have the views of these words changed?  Words such as goals, security and financial independence?  And how does this change how we interact with each other?  Hear the discussion Matt and Laurie had.

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WarriorTalk: On Trend… Matt Haze & social media

Along with being a veteran new and traditional media broadcaster, Matt Haze has become a huge social media advocate.  He’s in charge of OUR social media products actually!  So what does someone or a business REALLY need to know to succeed in this new social media world?  Laurie and Matt discuss what works and what you need to know.

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