Ideal Clients Bring Ideal Results

Being able to describe your “ideal” client can really make the difference between having a business that fulfills your goals and visions, and one where you struggle with the mundane, the disruptive, and the resulting dissatisfaction you feel.

Yes, that is how important it is! And here are the three reasons why.

1. Your ideal client is one who believes they benefit from your service. They want what you have to offer. They come back to you over and over and then, they refer you to others.

2. Your ideal client makes you feel energized. Because you are clear on the value you bring, working with your ideal client validates your work and makes you want to do more of it.

3. Your ideal client is a better person because of you! When you connect with and serve your ideal client you enrich their lives, which in turn impacts the lives of everyone they touch.

Not working with ideal clients (and not saying “no” to less suited clients) costs you time, money and aggravation.

Free Warrior Tour of America

Dave’s Free Warrior tour of the west included the states of Wyoming, Idaho, Montana and South Dakota.

Before heading east, Laurie joined him in Montana where they toured Glacier National Park in northern Montana. This magnificent park borders Canada and in 1932 joined with Canada’s Waterton Lakes National Park to become the world’s first International Peace Park.

Dave’s photo captures the beauty of Glacier National Park as the fall display of color is framed by the beauty of an early snow in the mountains.

WarriorTalk: The War of Art

The War of Art

The War of Art

Did the title catch your attention?

It did for us.

The War of Art is a fascinating book by Steven Pressfield that dives into the reasons why we don’t do things.  Whether you’re a business owner, an artist, an employee… whatever it may be.  This great quick read makes you realize the resistance you have better than anything out there.

Take a listen as Dave Jenks talks about the book and how it can help you with your business.

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